Brian Pariser Welcome to Palmetto Bay Vice Mayor Pariser at the Palmetto Bay Library and Park

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Welcome to the 2012 Campaign site of Brian W. Pariser for Re-election as Vice Mayor of the Village of Palmetto Bay, Florida
Brian W.Pariser
Vice Mayor of Palmetto Bay
In 2008 I had the privilege of being elected Vice-Mayor of the Village of Palmetto Bay. I have decided to run for re-election for a second term as Vice-Mayor in the November 6, 2012 election, in order to continue providing to the residents the highest level of municipal services at one of the lowest tax rates in all of Miami-Dade County; making Palmetto Bay one of the most desirable communities to own a residence and raise a family.  I support smart innovative municipal programs but only at the most fiscally conservative price.

I believe the best public policy decisions are made after listening to resident input to arrive at a balanced decision. I have led in promoting accessibility and transparency for resident interaction with our municipal government during my term as Vice Mayor. I will continue to sponsor municipal policies that enhance the quality of life, quiet enjoyment and value of our homes, for the benefit of vast majority of residents who own their residence as their primary asset. I review every expenditure the same way I do for my household budget and my business--in order to get the biggest cost effective benefit for the Village residents for every tax dollar spent.

I have lived in the Village since 1992 with my wife Cathy and our three grown children, Michael, Robyn and Zachary, all of whom attended Coral Reef elementary, Southwood Middle and Coral Reef High School. I believe my experience as a practicing AV rated Attorney in Miami-Dade County for the last 38 years (Univ. of Miami Law '74) concentrating in civil, commercial, real estate, litigation,mediation and managing my own Law Firm, has benefited my analysis and decisions on complex issues that come before the council.

Fiscal responsibility is the bedrock of good local government practices. Before and during my term as Vice Mayor, I fought the County and was successful in ending mitigation payments that cost our Village $1.8 million annually. My first budget year on the council taxes were lowered; and for the past three budget years the Village has kept level the municipal tax millage rate, increased Village reserves to 40% in excess of generally accepted levels, have had three years of unqualified annual fiscal audits, resulting in our Village having a AA- Bond rating only a handful of municipalities and counties in Florida can claim. The Village has one of the lowest Village employee to resident ratios. To better inform the residents as to expenditures, I supported the publishing of our Village checkbook on the Village web site.

My continued commitment is to limit the role of local government to core municipal services, to wit: public safety, parks and recreation, public works, planning and zoning. As Vice-Chairman of the Palmetto Bay Incorporation Steering Committee (1995-2002) I worked side-by side with my friends and neighbors in Palmetto Bay to fight the County for the right to vote to to be incorporated, with the goal to establish local control of our tax dollars, increase accessibility to local government and accountability for local elected officials. Having been recognized by the Village Council as one of the "Founding Fathers" of Palmetto Bay by my leadership role in the fight to incorporate, I will continue the vision of limited municipal governance promised during the campaign to incorporate.
I am proud to stand on my record as your Vice-Mayor.